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Become a Cadet

ROTC is an open-enrollment program. Students can join in their first two years of college without any obligation. However, our program is very competitive and timely decisions are always critical to success.

After a student has at least 30 credit hours, they can contract with the US Army (add link/see 1.0 for the difference), provided you:

  • meet the minimum requirements of a 3.2 GPA and 270 APFT, or a 2.8 GPA and 240 APFT as a STEM degree student,
  • meet the medical qualification requirements and are a US Citizen.

ROTC also offers physical fitness classes aimed at preparing our students to excel physically. We allow students considering the Army as a career choice to participate in all the extra activities and training we offer.

Once contracted, students are considered Contracted Cadets. If you're interested in becoming a cadet, you should contact the ROTC department. In most cases, you'll start by enrolling in MLSC 101/102 and MLSC 200.

Complete the first two pages of the Cadet Application and Enrollment Record (USACC Form 139-R) and turn in to your instructor in class. Please note that this fillable .pdf will not display properly in some internet browsers, so you'll need to download the file to view it, fill it out, and print it.

Cadets having questions should contact an instructor.

Cadets are required to attend physical training every morning and their ROTC classes. Cadets must also complete a military history class as part of their professional military education and requirement to commission. Our department recommends that students take HIST 381, Wars and Revolutions, offered through the History Department. In addition, there are weekend training requirements at least once per semester, but we work with the professors and University to ensure you are excused from classes for that absence.